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What is KG Lips? ( Lip Blush)

KG Lips has been a dream procedure of mine,

2 years in the making. Once I started to see the beautiful work and results from fellow Permanent Makeup artists, I fell IN LOVE. KG Lips is my adapted technique of all the Lip Blush courses I have taken with a few tweaks and additions from my personal experience.

LIP BLUSH is a Permanent Makeup (PMU) technique, meant to enhance the lip tissue. With this procedure we are able to neutralize the purple or brown tones on the lips and make them more peachy or rosy. Natural or pale lips can also greatly benefit from this procedure as we are able to give the lips the client's desired color, as subtle or strong as desired. It is very important to keep in mind that the achieved results will vary greatly from person to person and depend a lot on a few different factors. Some of these include; the natural state and color of the lip tissue, pre and post procedure care, and simply, how well the lips take on the color.


This is one of the first questions everybody has when considering this procedure. The answer; it depends on your pain tolerance. Numbing is utilized during the procedure to make it as comfortable as possible, but it shouldn't be overdone as this can affect the texture of the lips and how well it takes in the pigment. There's some clients

that feel a mild discomfort towards the end but none describe it as pain.


On average this procedure can last between 1.5 - 2 years. How well the lips are cared for has a lot to do with the longevity of the procedure. However, the pigment will never really be fully gone, it'll go fading to a lighter tint of the color used over time. Routine touch ups are recommended every year or year and a half to keep the results fresh.


Pretty much everybody is a candidate for the procedure. There are a few contraindications such as anemia, pregnancy or breastfeeding and diabetes. A thorough consult is done prior to the procedure to weed out any other possible contraindications.

--- Keilly G.

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